At HUMC we believe in serving our local community as well as the communities beyond where we live.

Have you ever felt God’s nudging to go? And maybe you begin to question go where? Maybe God is nudging you to go down the street to serve within your community. Or maybe He is nudging you to invest time in a homeless shelter. Or maybe He is nudging you to another country. Wherever God is nudging the emphasis isn’t on the where; it’s on the GO.

HUMC will be going to Jamaica in February 2017. There will be some are seasoned mission travelers and some that are not. Some are going to work on construction projects and some are taking their nursing skills to the streets and to a facility that houses approximately 80 children and young adults with moderate to severe special needs. They’re going.

They’re not going for accolades. They’re going to honor God by responding to His prompting. The Great Commission was not a suggestion. Christ’s kingdom cannot be built without bold, radical obedience to Matthew 28:19: “Go therefore…” Somebody has to GO. There’s no way around it. To share the gospel with the whole world, we must be willing to pack our bags sometime and leave home.

If you would like to go in 2017 email deb.podgorney@huntertownumc.org